Estello in Disguise with Bruiser in the Background


Estello and the Cupcake

Fun with cupcakes at Goodovening in Seoul, Korea.

Estello Push Pins Made from Polymer Clay

Estello pins I made from Fimo. Different Estellos and one Bruiser the Pigeon.

In Seoul with a Camera!

I made a quick trip to Seoul, Korea for the weekend. Had some great barbeque! This time I wore glasses to go incognito.

Fun With the Estello Pose Table

If you visit Tokyo Spidering Exhibition at Hagiso Gallery this week, be sure to stop by the Estello Pose Table. Chose from one of the various backgrounds and put Estello in front and… Continue reading

How do you use your Estello sticker?

Estello has fans! Check out how one person uses his latest sticker. Estello stickers! on instagram.

Estello Debuts in his First Gallery Show!

Estello’s photographer is taking part in Art Byte Critique Group’s first exhibition at Hagiso Gallery. The exhibition opened Wednesday, October 16 and runs to October 27. His photographer will be holding workshops on… Continue reading

Estello Inside the New York Botanical Garden

A trip to the wonderful New York Botanical Gardens was made possible by Myrna Alvarez, a friend of Estello’s photographer. Myrna suggested the trip and kindly provided train information and was an excellent… Continue reading

Estello Going to The Bronx.

From Grand Central Station, we took a commuter train from track 32 to the New York Botannical Garden in the Bonx   It took some time to find the train. But once on… Continue reading

Estello at Grand Central Station

Today Estello travelled to many places in New York City. He started off at Grand Central Station, toured the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx courtesy of his friend Myrna, took a… Continue reading