Estello Inside the New York Botanical Garden

A trip to the wonderful New York Botanical Gardens was made possible by Myrna Alvarez, a friend of Estello’s photographer. Myrna suggested the trip and kindly provided train information and was an excellent hostess and guide.

If you live in New York, a trip to NYBG while they have their Alhambra exhibition is highly recommended. The air is scented with the herbs, flowers and plants of the medieval style Spanish garden. It truly transports you by scent alone.  It’s like traveling to Europe without leaving North America.
Estello also took some time to play in the cactus gardens.
Watch out Estello! Those things are pokey!
Estello wanted to climb on these but his photographer wouldn’t let him. She also took lots of other shots at the NYBG but you’ll have to tune back in later to check them out. The digital ones will be up soon, but the film shots will have to wait until they get back to Japan and have them developed and printed at National Photo.