Estello Takes Manhattan!

The little clay star is currently running around Manhattan, eating food, posing for pictures and meeting new people. Perhaps his most scary moment was when he met the very nice police officers near… Continue reading

I’m Really Really Mad!

I just found out that my photographer went to Prague! And she didn’t take me! She took her husband instead. Just because they’ve been married for ten years and are celebrating an anniversary… Continue reading

Victoria: June 2007

My photographer finally got her act together and got up early to take some photos of me. We were staying at the Empress Hotel in downtown Victoria. Nice place, lots of history. We… Continue reading

Sicamous, B.C., June 2007

I enjoyed my stint as an intrepid rock climber but the big photo ops were planned for a trip through the Rocky Mountains! Hello, road trip! This time we were going to go… Continue reading

Estello and Cows (June, 2007)

So the day my photographer and her brother took me to the Okotoks Erratic we also drove around the country side southwest of Calgary. Big Sky country. I hear they say that about… Continue reading

This Actually Happened in June, 2007

My first chance for a photo op were with my photographer’s brother’s dogs. I like dogs and was pretty excited at first. Then I saw them eat. They actually inhale their dog food… Continue reading

Summer Adventure: Intro

Well, it’s already mid-October and my photographer is just starting to get back to updating my blog. I tell you, if I only had fingers instead of just being able to peck at… Continue reading

Fom Hodogaya to Eternity!

This was another beautiful sunny day. Jamie joined my photographer and I for what turned out to be the final leg of our tour for a while. The road didn’t run along the… Continue reading

Kanagawa to Hodogaya: Back on Track

My big battle to get my stick back. This time my photographer got it right and she had all her stuff packed up the night before. Still, her husband was laughing and teasing… Continue reading

The Day That Wasn’t on Schedule

I’m pretty steamed at my photographer and I still can’t really think about it without melting some of my clay off my head. My photographer forgot the guidebook this day. She met Jamie… Continue reading