Kanagawa to Hodogaya: Back on Track

My big battle to get my stick back. This time my photographer got it right and she had all her stuff packed up the night before. Still, her husband was laughing and teasing… Continue reading

The Day That Wasn’t on Schedule

I’m pretty steamed at my photographer and I still can’t really think about it without melting some of my clay off my head. My photographer forgot the guidebook this day. She met Jamie… Continue reading

Kawasaki to Kanagawa

Not many pictures here. No real stories to tell. Jamie joined us for another day’s adventure. Here’s a picture of me at Kawasaki Sation just before we set off. The first part of… Continue reading

Shinagawa to Kawasaki: the Ota-Ku Section.

There was almost a distinct change once we crossed over into Ota-ku. This part of Tokaido ran along the Number Seven Highway (not to be confused with the highspeed expressway one has to… Continue reading

Shinagawa to Kawasaki: the first part

This day my photographer and I had company. Jamie Green is a friend of my photographer and walked with us for three stations. It was fun to have company. Actually, I met her… Continue reading

Finishing up to Shinagawa

After Tamakiya it was starting to get late in the afternoon. One area we passed through was a collection of small streets filled with izakaya (Japanese pubs). I found a bike to rest… Continue reading

Nihon Bashi to Shinagawa: Tamakiya

One of the things my photographer really had her heart set on was to stop at the places the famous shops still around today and try some of the local specialties in each… Continue reading

Nihon Bashi to Shinagawa

When my photographer finally got to Otemachi station she spent a bit of time trying to figure out how, exactly, to get to Nihonbashi. After consulting a few maps she finally made it… Continue reading

Leaving the Apartment and Getting to Nihonbashi

Well, this is me standing in front of the apartment of my official photographer. It takes her forever to get ready. Another picture of me just because I needed something to do while… Continue reading